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New Sweden Museum

The New Sweden Museum is housed in a replica of the Kapitoleum or “Capitol building” that served as the headquarters of the Swedish colony. The museum collections include many artifacts illustrating the early years of Maine’s Swedish settlement.

The Museum includes a significant collection of early skiis and numerous photographs of the town’s families and homes. Behind the Museum, you will find the Lindsten stuga, a restored Swedish immigrant log cabin from the 1880’s, and the Lada, a building housing the “America trunks” in which the immigrants brought their belongings to Maine, as well as a collection of early tools, sleds and farming implements.

A short path through the trees directly behind the Museum leads to the tiny Old Cemetery, where a single stone monument records the names of the settlers laid to rest there during the difficult first years of the colony. The town’s main cemetery is located farther up the hillside.

The New Sweden Museum is operated on a purely volunteer basis, and is normally open only during the summer and autumn. If you are visiting New Sweden during the winter and would like to see the Museum, please make special arrangements in advance.

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