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Festivals and Events

An area rich with cultural history, Aroostook County is also rich with events that honor the traditions of the past. From cultural celebrations that pay homage to the people who established the county, to agricultural events  that honor the trade on which the county was founded, Aroostook County marries the past and the present in perfect cultural harmony.

Acadian Festival

Each year the people of Aroostook honor the first settlers of the region: The French Acadians. Through this massive festival — the state’s largest cultural festival — residents and tourists get a taste of what life was life for those first settlers. Events include a re-enactment of the first Acadian Landing in Northern Maine, traditional Acadian supper, entertainment, cultural displays, a festival Parade, Party du Main Street and much more. The Festival is held each year in conjunction with a large family reunion, honoring one of the Acadian pioneer families.

Music Mountain Memorial Day Music Fest

Music Mountain is 250 acres of field and mountain side located in Stockholm Maine, overlooking the Madawaska lake and mountain range.  We are opening our 2011 season with our Memorial Day Fest, May 28th – 30th, 2011, a three- day, 30 Band live music, arts and camping event. For more information or to purchase tickets, please visit

Midsommer Celebration

Swedish colonists also had a role to play in establishing Aroostook. And, on the weekend closest to June 21st, the people of Aroostook honor their cultural ancestors by celebrating the summer solstice with a traditional Midsommer festival.

Midsommer starts on Friday with people picking flowers to making wreaths for the girls’ hair and to decorate the maypole on Saturday, both are key components in the celebrations.

The maypole is raised in Thomas Park accompanied with traditional music, storytelling and dances, ending with a traditional ring dance around the maypoll — a sight sure to delight all who view it.

The Potato Blossom Festival

With the significant contributions that the potato has made on our history and economic prosperity, is it any wonder that we still celebrate the potato each year with some of our best festivals?  The Maine Potato blossom Festival is one of the nation’s best known agricultural festivals.  Coinciding with the arrival of blossoms on the season’s potato crop, the festival  features the popular Potato Queen pageants, a float parade, agricultural equipment, fireworks, bands and more.

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