It is estimated that two to three million people each year visit the Appalachian Trail, which extends over along the entire Eastern Seaboard of the United States.  Several hundred individuals complete the entire trail each summer, which begins in the state of Georgia and ends in Maine, atop Katahdin, the state’s highest peak.  Katahdin’s unique talus slopes and alpine environment, along with its spectacular views, draw hikers from around the world.

From the summit of Katahdin one can see endless forestland extending in all directions.  Amongst this wilderness are some of Maine’s most treasured hiking destinations.  The waterfalls and gorge of Gulf Hagas lie to the south along the Appalachian Trail, the glacial ponds and unique geological history of Deboullie Mountain extend to the north, and the rugged coastline along the Bay of Fundy fall to the east.

Throughout northern Maine one can also find easy hikes to do in an afternoon with family and friends.  Many of the winter ski venues offer excellent hiking trails in the summer months, while local state and provincial parks such as the Aroostook State Park located in central Aroostook County offer trails for all levels of hiking ability.  Whether you are out for an hour, a day, or a week the hiking opportunities abound for all in this region.

For more information on where to hike in the region please visit Maine Rec.