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Mountain Biking

Fast and flowing single-track, leisurely dirt roads, lush forest trails and gorgeous views all await the off-road cyclist in northern Maine.  With multiple systems of mountain bike trails designed using standards set forth by the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA), you can find world-class mountain biking throughout the region.  Hundreds of kilometers of rail beds converted into multi-use recreational trails await those looking for a more relaxed off-pavement experience.

The landscape of northern Maine and western New Brunswick is covered with winding river valleys, rolling hills, expansive stands of hardwood and coniferous forest, and acres upon acres of stunning farm land.  There’s no better way to intimately experience this land than on your bicycle, which is why there is a vibrant and ever-growing cycling culture in the region.

From the network of incredible single-track weaving around the Nordic Heritage Center in Presque Isle, to the Aroostook Valley Rail Trail extending along the meandering Aroostook and Little Madawaska Rivers, the northern Maine region has something to satisfy every cyclist.

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