White Water Rafting

Northern Maine provides many opportunities for the thrill-seeking paddler.  Those without much experience may choose to jump in a raft with the knowledgeable and experienced guides to charge the rapids of the West Branch of the Penobscot River or wild gorge of the Kennebec River.

Those capable of paddling their own canoe or kayak in whitewater will be pleased by the various options throughout the spring, summer and fall.  For playboaters, regional hot spots such as the reversing falls in St. John, New Brunswick provide some of the biggest features you can surf in eastern North America, capable of producing huge air and bigger smiles.  In the spring, the Aroostook River below the Tinker Dam offers a quality “park and play” option only 30 minutes from Presque Isle, ME.  Further south the various branches and tributaries of the Penobscot and Kennebec drainages provide multiple destination play spots.

River runners and creek boaters will find a plethora of challenges amongst northern Maine and maritime Canada’s seasonal runs and dam release classics.  Autumn rains, spring run-off and the occasional damp summer will bring up steeper gradient runs full of class V action.  Meanwhile, virtually every day of the summer one can find everything from class II to class IV dam release fun.   There is something for every level of whitewater adventurer in the heart of the northern forest.

Please visit the New England Outdoor Center for more information or to book a trip.